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Thumbnail Odeon
12.25 EUR
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Odeon is a 75-preset (with 600 variations) library for Alchemy. It offers a world of new sounds which are perfect for everything from film scores to...


Thumbnail Abstractum
8.50 EUR
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Abstractum is set of 57 atmospheres, textures, drones and sound effects. Ranging from mysterious galactic atmopsheres to relaxing and delicate soundscapes. Abstractum contains: Number of Sounds: 57...

Sonic Impact Developer

Thumbnail Sonic Impact Developer
12.50 EUR
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The Sonic Impact Developer edition is for the creative and innovative designer. This construction kit contains the same 50 presets as the normal edition, but with...

Sonic Impact For Alchemy

Thumbnail Sonic Impact for Alchemy
8.00 EUR
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Sonic Impact is a small soundbank with only impact sounds and effects. Varying from atomic blasts and explosions to junk crashes All the sample material for...

Alchemy Elevations

Thumbnail Alchemy Elevations
8.50 EUR
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Alchemy Elevations a small but very usefull soundbank for film scoring, game music design etc with great impact sounds, inspiring loops, atmospheric soundscapes what can be...

Escape Velocity Bundle

Thumbnail Escape Velocity Bundle
22.00 EUR
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Escape Velocity Bundle is a collection of ethereal, space and inspiring pads and soundscapes. Perfect for film scoring, ambient and/or electronica productions. This soundset covers moods...

Cronox3 Soundbank: Caelum

Thumbnail CronoX3 Soundbank: Caelum
13.95 EUR
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This soundset holds 130 high quality presets with lush pads, eathereal drones and dark/light textured soundscapes. Sound categories: 65 pads and 65 soundscapes Number of Sounds:...

Sylenth1 Soundbank: Serendipity I

Thumbnail Sylenth1 Soundbank: Serendipity I
6.00 EUR
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Serendipity is a collection of inspiring sounds for the ambient producer who likes to use Sylenth1. Sound categories: 19 Arps, 9 Atmospheres, 25 Basses, 10 Drums, 2...

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Sylenth1 Soundbank: Serendipity Ii

Thumbnail Sylenth1 Soundbank: Serendipity II
6.70 EUR
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Serendipity II is a collection of inspiring sounds for the ambient producer who likes to use Sylenth1. Sound categories: 23 Arps, 21 Basses, 17 Keys, 19 Leads,...

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Morphine Soundbank: Morphine S Additive World

Thumbnail Morphine Soundbank: Morphine s Additive World
7.50 EUR
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150 wonderful and juicy presets for Image-lines powerful Additive Synthesizer. These sounds are suitable for all kinds of genres. Sound categories: 37 Pads, 20 Keys, 20 Atmospheres,...